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Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern – Atlantic City, NJ

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Might be worth the bet.

Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern
2300 Fairmount Ave
Atlantic City, NJ 08401
Price: Unknown for 2 guests (I was treated!)
Meal: Dinner / Weekend / 6pm

Let’s give a great, big round of applause as we (or I, rather) welcome Chewru Autumn (myself) back to Chewru for her first new restaurant review in what seems like forever! As I’m sure anyone in grad school can sympathize, there don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to complete all the coursework deemed necessary for one semester. In celebration of yet another semester ending, my mom and I wandered down to Atlantic City for a hot and fun-filled day of outlet shopping (no gamblers here!). Not far from the casino glitz and glamour but far enough away to forget you’re in Atlantic City is Angelo’s Fairmount Tavern – a large Italian restaurant located in the Ducktown section on the corner of Fairmount and Mississippi Avenues. My mom and I decided to cap off our bargain-hunting with what we both hoped would be a delicious ‘home-cooked’ Italian meal.

The first thing that struck me about Angelo’s was the door – quite literally. Certainly not a fault of the restaurant, but perhaps worth mentioning that it can be a little congested trying to navigate into the building. On this particular Sunday around 6 PM, Angelo’s wasn’t terribly crowded, although I imagine it gets mobbed during the summer months. You’ll have to maneuver through 2 doors to enter the building into a bar area. The bar has stools and a long counter that wraps around a corner, but there isn’t a lot of floor space to accommodate large groups if the seats at the bar are full. The hostess greeted us immediately and led us to our table which involved going up 2 or 3 stairs and through (you guessed it!) another door.

Although my mom and I were seated on the first floor, there is also a second floor with additional seating so Angelo’s appears to have a large seating capacity. My mom mentioned she had been seated on the second floor during previous trips to Angelo’s and found no real benefit or detriment to it. The restaurant consists of a lot of smaller, separate rooms connected by open doorways as opposed to one large dining space. The tables and chairs are basic; I didn’t notice any booths on our floor.

Our service throughout the meal was disappointing. The waitress wasn’t particularly friendly and cracked a smile in our direction exactly once. She was neither warm nor inviting, just business-like to the point it almost came across as unfriendly. There were no pleasantries or attempts at conversation from her end. For the restaurant’s sake, I hope she was just having a bad day. As a plus for the waitress, however, she did ask us what kind of sauce we wanted on our sides of pasta – either marinara or the same sauce as our entrées. I thought this was a nice touch (as someone like Guru always forgets to specify his sauce and regrets it later).

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We were brought a basket of warm bread to begin. The bread was good, but nothing particularly memorable. After ordering our meals, my mom and I each got a glass of wine. My white zinfandel was good and my mom seemed to enjoy her chardonnay. A salad bowl for us to share was brought out next (similar to how the Olive Garden does it). The house dressing mixed in was delicious, but the salad itself was rather plain: mostly iceberg lettuce with a few tomatoes and other accents mixed in. For my meal, I ordered the chicken piccante: lightly floured chicken breasts sauteed in lemon, butter, and white wine with a touch of garlic. The sauce had an excellent flavor, but I was very disappointed to discover that my chicken was overcooked and slightly chewy. My mom ordered a special consisting of shrimp, crabmeat, and a 6-ounce lobster tail. She couldn’t stop raving about how good it was. As mentioned previously, both entrées came with a side of pasta and salad.

My mom and I each got our own cannoli for dessert. The cannoli were outstanding. They had a thick ricotta cheese mixture on the inside and warm, crispy shells on the outside. These cannoli didn’t have any extra chocolate or chocolate chips as adornments and they certainly didn’t need it.

Overall, I wasn’t thoroughly impressed with Angelo’s although my mom would certainly have a differing opinion. Based on my mom’s stellar entrée, I would contemplate another visit, but likely stick with a seafood entrée instead of chicken. With the right entrée and some nicer service, I could see Angelo’s with some real potential.


– Seafood dishes seem to be good
– Excellent cannoli
– Lots of seating
– Close proximity to casinos and outlets


– Service could be nicer
– Mediocre chicken dishes
– Anticipate crowds during the summer

Autumn’s Score: 2.9 Chews
Subjective rating: Check, don’t raise.
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Angelo's Fairmount Tavern - Atlantic City, NJ, 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings

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  1. Gus says:

    Great food and large portions. A must when visiting AC!

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