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Americana Diner – East Windsor, NJ

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A Pleasure in Casual Dining.

Americana Diner
East Windsor, NJ
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Price: $55 (Four – Excludes Tip)
Meal: Breakfast
Time: 11:30 AM

Doing about a dozen reviews now, we’ve never come across a place that gave us serious consideration for a top score. That changed the day we visited Americana Diner. Visiting it again a few years after giving it nearly a top score here on Chewru (originally reviewed 10/29/07), we brought more of the family in tow to again size up this gargantuan diner.

With a nostalgic exterior and a parking lot the size of a football field, the Americana Diner is certainly inviting. Even with an ocean of cars, we didn’t wait more than a few minutes to get a seat during a swamped Sunday brunch crowd.  The dining room was clean, nicely carpeted, and had pleasant wooden chairs, window frames, and borders. The place is big, with what appeared to be 5 dining areas sprawling across its campus. There’s even a small outdoor eating area that many were taking advantage of. The bathroom stalls and sinks were stainless steel and well maintained. Overall, it was hard to find any displeasure with the atmosphere whatsoever.

Autumn and I both started with a cappuccino (a rarity to find in a diner) – and it was nothing short of impressive. Served in regular sized mug with a perfect froth and the indulgence of rock candy, it had terrific flavor and rivaled anything I’ve had in a coffee house before. Back in 2007, I tried a farmer’s omelet and loved it. This time around, I went for a Monte Bianco omelet, which featured fresh mozzarella, portabella mushroom, and sun-dried tomatoes with the typical home fries and choice of toast. Autumn tried a seasonal peach crepe, and my parents ventured out of breakfast mode and had the pastrami on rye and turkey dinner, respectfully. Unlike our last breakfast experience, we were served Americana’s ‘breaking bread‘, which is one of the best breads we’ve had, anywhere. We enjoyed it so much we asked for a second loaf (which was surprisingly a raisin bread and different than the first).

My omelet again was a winner. It was a very good portion size and loaded with an honest cut of gooey mozzarella and tender portabella mushroom. I would have preferred a touch more of the flavorful sun-dried tomatoes, but as far as a complaints go, that was it. The rye bread was thick and wholesome, and in addition to the aforementioned breaking bread, satisfied a major carbohydrate fix. My mother’s pastrami on rye was well received, with a generous slab of lean pastrami and a small side of fries proving too much for one meal. My father’s turkey dinner was cited as better than a premium restaurant on a big name cruise ship (from which they had just returned), with full, all-white meat breast cuts topping a scrumptious sweet potato stuffing that I frequently ‘sampled’. The accompanying green beans were crisp and delicately buttered, although the apple sauce was heavy on the sweet side and tasted more like a filling for a tastycake than a more healthy-ish blend of fresh apples. Autumn’s fresh peach crepes proved to be the one true miss of the meal, with a rather uninspired presentation hinting an equally disappointing mixture of not-quite-ripe peaches. The accompanying whipped cream would have been better served within the crepe as opposed to on the side (their choice), but the banana nut bread slices and fresh fruit did keep the entree respectable. Judging by the other breakfast entrees whizzing by us (including waffles with fresh strawberries and peach french toast), it was understandable when Autumn wished she had ordered just about anything else.

As far as price goes, it’s not quite as cheap as a few of the diners we’ve seen, but you’re getting real quality and amenities to justify the extra buck or two you’ll spend. The menu is original and extensive, and the service was polite throughout even during what was no doubt a busy Sunday brunch rush. My father, who had never been there before, seriously wants to make a pilgrimage to Americana each month even though it would be at least a good two hour roundtrip. Talk about a first impression.

We’re confirming our earlier score of 4.9 out of 5.


– Polite waitresses
– Quick service even during a rush
– Clean throughout
– Nice little extras and presentation
– Generous portions

Our Score: 4.9 Chews

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Americana Diner - East Windsor, NJ, 4.7 out of 5 based on 13 ratings

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  1. Fay says:

    My husband and I eat here frequently because it is so perfect each time, no matter what we order or no matter where we are seated. My special favorite is the Skylark salad with a portabello mushroom on the side. You should also try their fried calamari and the rich cheesecake. But I could go on and on with recommendations. Suffice it to say that we really love the Americana Diner in East Windsor, NJ.


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